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Mgr. Jana Gál M.A.


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Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards.


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Some examples of when is suitable to use psychotherapy: 

When you feel overwhelmed with your situation and you don't want to be alone with it. 

When you search help to understand why your relationship doesn't work anymore. 

When you trying to understand why you don't feel happy with your life.

When you feel anxious or depressed and don't want to deal with it on your own.  

When you feel not comfortable with the way your life is right now.

What will happen in our first session?

First, we will arrange the day and time of the meeting by email.


After we meet, the session begins. You start talking about what bothers you and what I can help you with.


I will probably ask to better understand what you are saying. I write notes so that I can return to them between your visits and think or research to be able to help you better.

During the first session, we will clarify what is most important for you to concentrate on. This will be our goal in the coming sessions. Of course, this goal can change during therapy if you come up with something more important.

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Mgr. Jana Gál M.A.

I am a psychologist and psychotherapist.

I will not judge or mentor you during our meeting.

I will not share any information with anyone without your consent, be it family members or institutions.
During your sharing and our joint interaction, I take sides - I'm with you.

Work Environment

We can get connected on-line 

When you can't travel to the city and need to stay home, we can be connected via some online communication provider. In these cases I recommend to meet each other few times during the therapy.

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