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Price per 50 minutes 1000,- CZK. The optimal frequency is 1 x weekly. For less than 1 per 2 weeks, the effect of the work appears uncertain. 

If our work will continue for longer than eight weeks, I suggest that we agree on its termination at least three weeks in advance in order to have enough time for completion.

After the agreement, it is possible to pay the amount to the account number 1709321113/0800 Česká spořitelna Bank

Message for the recipient refers to the client’s name.

Cancelling a session

Pre-arranged sessions may be cancelled 1 working day (24 hours) in advance by phone or SMS +420 774184 112 or mail at jankaxgal@gmail.comThe receipt of your message will be confirmed.

Advance for the next session (1000.- CZK) is forfeited if the client does not arrive at the session without a valid reason within two working days /24 hours/.

If the client is unable to attend the session for health reasons the deposit will not be forfeited. ​

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